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Sunday, 19 December 2010

Ask me anything about makeup or beauty it can be anon if you dont want people knowing!!:)

Friday, 10 December 2010

Colourglide™ Lip Colour from The Body Shop

Well hello gorgeous people:), sorry i havent been posting lately but im back:P
right...Lipsticks xD
These lipsticks are amazing. They are so soft and smooth and go on so well with such high pigmentation i love them they come in tons of different colours from Nudes to Neutrals to Bright Pink to a Classic Red i have a selection of 4 of them a Classic Red in colour 60 (these lipsticks dont have names), 12- a deep purpley-brown, 02- a nude pink, .72- a neutral pink
These are also conditioning as you use them as they have marula oil in them so big plus:)

This is what they say about there lipsticks

"A collection of lip colours that colour, moisturise and smooth the appearance of the lips for a fabulous pout. The butter-like texture glides on effortlessly and contains a high percentage of colour pigments (depending on shade) to provide intense coverage in one luscious sweep that lasts for up to four hours. Leaves the lips feeling soft and smooth. Dermatologically tested.."

I love these the packaging they come in they look like little bullets so they are easy to store so you can just keep one with you all  the time...or even more than 1


Thanks for Reading xx

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Body Shop Concealer

Hello again:P
well today as you can see im going to be talking about body shop concealers...or just the one but it comes in a variety of tones
my honest opinion of this...its not very good its not good good coverage you have to lay it on quite thick and blend but be careful because it blends and disappears so easily i would rate this a 2/3 out of 5 just because if the coverage isnt very good but if you are doing drag makeup and trying to cover your eyebrows with the glue method..ill have a tutorial on that up soon:) but its really good for that:)

you can buy it from The Body Shop obviously, its about £12/£13 wouldnt say its really worth it considering the standard of other body shop products

Heres a swatch!

...ohh!! and it has a tree tree conditioning stick in the middle of it so i guess thats the good thing about it. It sort of heals and helps as it conceals

Monday, 6 December 2010


Well well well 
woke up this morning to find out i am THE 52ND MOST SUBSCRIBED GURU ON YOUTUBE:) X
omg how cool is that :O i was so happy tehe 

heres your proof :P 

Thanks to everyone who has followed me subscribed to me on youtube read my blogs anything you are all amazing xxx

Body Shop Eye-liner Pencils

Hello there gorgeous people, im going to be doing another Body Shop Review but this time on there Eye Liner Pencils
i think these are awesome i havent tried much other brands in the way of eyeliner but i love these they are so smooth and creamy they go on well and have such staying power its awesome:)

I have the colours - Carbon, Shimmering Steel, Glowing Amethyst. I've done some swatches of them and to show you what they looks like so look down below:)


These are the swatches 1) Glowing Amethyst 2) Smudged Black using the smudger 2b) Carbon with being smudged 3) Shimmering Steel

I love these three and im planning on getting more but they are quite expensive its like £8 or £9 for one so about 12$ or 13$ so its quite expensive but you are paying for the quality. I have sensitive eyes so i have to watch what i put on them but these are amazing honestly i love them:) They are Dermatologically and Ophthalmologically tested. so that must be a good thing .....Right:)
Thanks for reading Gorgeous people! x

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Touche Eclat- Review

Touche Eclat is a Highlighter or Luminator
i dont think i have one bad thing to say about this maybe could use more but still it works amazingly you use it on the places you want to highlight and it does just that .
i use it under the arches of my eyebrows and it makes it look amazing i also use it to outline my lips and blend out giving a more fuller sexy look:

How to use it-

You take it out of its packet when you  first get it and it is recommend you you click the pen using the button on the end at least 25-30 times to get the product flowing once you have done that you use the brush and use it to highlight the places on your face which you want to add a bit of...highlight:P
it works on the basis that you put it somewhere say near the under of your eyes it doesn't conceal but  

reflects the light as it has light reflecting particles in it

it costs about £20 but its good what for it does.

You can buy it from:,default,pd.html

That one looks different thats the normal packaging but i got the limited edition on so it looks like that

Thanks for reading:) see ya next time  

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Saturday, 4 December 2010

Tip for anyone using Benetint from Benefit:)

i love this stuff i dont have one bad thing to say about it
apart from watch it stains :P or it wouldnt be a stain hah! anyway

i love how you just blend it in and it gives a nice kind of natural blush:)

i have a tip for anyone using it!:)
dip a Qtip into the bottle make sure its a good one cause you dont want it falling apart:)
and if you leave it a few seconds then pull it out and on your cheekbones draw 3 little wisker type shapes on your face then with the finger blend up the way and it will look so gorgeous!:)

Body Shop Foundations

Wow....2 posts in one day!:O haha.
anyway im going to be reviewing these foundations to me there good but not the best out there
The Body Shop has 2 kinds of Foundation which is a liquid foundation which comes in:

  • Moisture Foundation SPF15
  • Oil Free Balancing Foundation SPF15
Then we have the other foundation which is :
  • Flawless Skin Protecting Foundation SPF15
it says on the website about this one 

"A highly innovative cream-to powder foundation enriched with baobab oil. It provides a perfect colour blend for an instantly healthy-looking, flawless complexion. Thousands of tiny spheres smooth over your skin giving it an even skin tone and natural appearance. A mineral defence shield complex including botanical moisturisers and vitamins cares for your skin and helps protect it from sun damage. Blends from a soft cream to a radiant velvet powder on contact. Provides medium to full coverage."

I love the idea of this foundation because I've only started to use it cause i didn't think it was for me but i discovered it really does what it says its so nice it evens out my skin tone and it protects at the same time so nice and blends well too 

-Liquid foundations

i like them a swell but they don't give as much coverage to them because there thinner I think like in coverage
they are soft and smooth and they are quite silky in texture i like them but they don't give me the right amount of coverage that I want so if you like the whole natural not looking like you have make-up on these are for you

Bobbi Brown 6 Pan Palette

Hey everyone:)
i got this palette about 2 weeks ago? maybe a week i cant remember anyway its one of those palettes that you can make for yourself. I got the 6 pan palette but you can get it in 4 aswell what i love about these is you can do what ever you want with them like put 6 shadows in them or 6 blushes and soon they are bringing out foundations and lip quads to go into the palette which i love.
These Shadows have such pigmentation in them they are amazing on par with mac i would say. They apply softly and smoothly and they dont really crease but i would suggest using a base before like Urban Decay Primer Potion or maybe a mac Paint Pot like Painterly or something.

When you take them out of the cute packet you have a single eyeshadow in its own container and you have to pop it out of its container to put it into the palette

This is the outer packaging they came in which i thought was quite cute

You can see that the pan just pops right out and is transferred into the larger palette. You can also keep the single shadow container because you never know when you might just need my case I just cant through things away haha:P

I got my neutral palette so if you are looking to do the same these are the shadows i got

  • Naked- Nice skin toned peachy colour
  • Cement-a light to medium brown
  • Blonde- i would say a darker version of naked
  • Saddle-a dark brown (it might look light but it comes out quite dark)
  • Espresso- a deep brown a gorgeous colour
  • Charcoal- Matte Black
all the colours i got are Matte this palette was a good price considering it was a Bobbi Brown Palette

The Palette and shadows in all came to about £97 but if you say your a student you can get money off i got atleast £10 off as i got them for £87

I give this product a 8/10, as the colours could represent what goes on the eyelid a bit better because if you want Cement its actually darker than it looks on the palette


New to this x3

Hey Gorgeous People, how are we :)
Well this is like my first ever post and im kinda excited to do this for you guys. What do you think of the whole background think tehe I love its like eyeliner pencils I think so cool anyway i have a bunch of reviews and hauls coming up so keep watching

  • Bobbi Brown Palette
  • Touche Eclat
  • Body Shop Concealer
  • Body Shop Powder
  • Body Shop Foundations
  • Eyeliners
  • Lip liners
  • Lipsticks