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Sunday, 5 December 2010

Touche Eclat- Review

Touche Eclat is a Highlighter or Luminator
i dont think i have one bad thing to say about this maybe could use more but still it works amazingly you use it on the places you want to highlight and it does just that .
i use it under the arches of my eyebrows and it makes it look amazing i also use it to outline my lips and blend out giving a more fuller sexy look:

How to use it-

You take it out of its packet when you  first get it and it is recommend you you click the pen using the button on the end at least 25-30 times to get the product flowing once you have done that you use the brush and use it to highlight the places on your face which you want to add a bit of...highlight:P
it works on the basis that you put it somewhere say near the under of your eyes it doesn't conceal but  

reflects the light as it has light reflecting particles in it

it costs about £20 but its good what for it does.

You can buy it from:,default,pd.html

That one looks different thats the normal packaging but i got the limited edition on so it looks like that

Thanks for reading:) see ya next time  

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