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Monday, 6 December 2010

Body Shop Eye-liner Pencils

Hello there gorgeous people, im going to be doing another Body Shop Review but this time on there Eye Liner Pencils
i think these are awesome i havent tried much other brands in the way of eyeliner but i love these they are so smooth and creamy they go on well and have such staying power its awesome:)

I have the colours - Carbon, Shimmering Steel, Glowing Amethyst. I've done some swatches of them and to show you what they looks like so look down below:)


These are the swatches 1) Glowing Amethyst 2) Smudged Black using the smudger 2b) Carbon with being smudged 3) Shimmering Steel

I love these three and im planning on getting more but they are quite expensive its like £8 or £9 for one so about 12$ or 13$ so its quite expensive but you are paying for the quality. I have sensitive eyes so i have to watch what i put on them but these are amazing honestly i love them:) They are Dermatologically and Ophthalmologically tested. so that must be a good thing .....Right:)
Thanks for reading Gorgeous people! x

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