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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Body Shop Concealer

Hello again:P
well today as you can see im going to be talking about body shop concealers...or just the one but it comes in a variety of tones
my honest opinion of this...its not very good its not good good coverage you have to lay it on quite thick and blend but be careful because it blends and disappears so easily i would rate this a 2/3 out of 5 just because if the coverage isnt very good but if you are doing drag makeup and trying to cover your eyebrows with the glue method..ill have a tutorial on that up soon:) but its really good for that:)

you can buy it from The Body Shop obviously, its about £12/£13 wouldnt say its really worth it considering the standard of other body shop products

Heres a swatch!

...ohh!! and it has a tree tree conditioning stick in the middle of it so i guess thats the good thing about it. It sort of heals and helps as it conceals

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