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Saturday, 4 December 2010

Body Shop Foundations

Wow....2 posts in one day!:O haha.
anyway im going to be reviewing these foundations to me there good but not the best out there
The Body Shop has 2 kinds of Foundation which is a liquid foundation which comes in:

  • Moisture Foundation SPF15
  • Oil Free Balancing Foundation SPF15
Then we have the other foundation which is :
  • Flawless Skin Protecting Foundation SPF15
it says on the website about this one 

"A highly innovative cream-to powder foundation enriched with baobab oil. It provides a perfect colour blend for an instantly healthy-looking, flawless complexion. Thousands of tiny spheres smooth over your skin giving it an even skin tone and natural appearance. A mineral defence shield complex including botanical moisturisers and vitamins cares for your skin and helps protect it from sun damage. Blends from a soft cream to a radiant velvet powder on contact. Provides medium to full coverage."

I love the idea of this foundation because I've only started to use it cause i didn't think it was for me but i discovered it really does what it says its so nice it evens out my skin tone and it protects at the same time so nice and blends well too 

-Liquid foundations

i like them a swell but they don't give as much coverage to them because there thinner I think like in coverage
they are soft and smooth and they are quite silky in texture i like them but they don't give me the right amount of coverage that I want so if you like the whole natural not looking like you have make-up on these are for you

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