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Saturday, 4 December 2010

Bobbi Brown 6 Pan Palette

Hey everyone:)
i got this palette about 2 weeks ago? maybe a week i cant remember anyway its one of those palettes that you can make for yourself. I got the 6 pan palette but you can get it in 4 aswell what i love about these is you can do what ever you want with them like put 6 shadows in them or 6 blushes and soon they are bringing out foundations and lip quads to go into the palette which i love.
These Shadows have such pigmentation in them they are amazing on par with mac i would say. They apply softly and smoothly and they dont really crease but i would suggest using a base before like Urban Decay Primer Potion or maybe a mac Paint Pot like Painterly or something.

When you take them out of the cute packet you have a single eyeshadow in its own container and you have to pop it out of its container to put it into the palette

This is the outer packaging they came in which i thought was quite cute

You can see that the pan just pops right out and is transferred into the larger palette. You can also keep the single shadow container because you never know when you might just need my case I just cant through things away haha:P

I got my neutral palette so if you are looking to do the same these are the shadows i got

  • Naked- Nice skin toned peachy colour
  • Cement-a light to medium brown
  • Blonde- i would say a darker version of naked
  • Saddle-a dark brown (it might look light but it comes out quite dark)
  • Espresso- a deep brown a gorgeous colour
  • Charcoal- Matte Black
all the colours i got are Matte this palette was a good price considering it was a Bobbi Brown Palette

The Palette and shadows in all came to about £97 but if you say your a student you can get money off i got atleast £10 off as i got them for £87

I give this product a 8/10, as the colours could represent what goes on the eyelid a bit better because if you want Cement its actually darker than it looks on the palette


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